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United Kingdom: Desperate Boris Johnson appeals before referendum

United Kingdom: Bojo resigned today, according to sources

United Kingdom: Bojo resigned today, according to sources

Prime Minister Boris “Bojo” Johnson resigned as leader of the Conservative Party today and will end the premiership this autumn.

BBC News reports that the press and pressure have become more difficult after all the internal resignations from the government.

He is speaking to the people of the country today

– The Prime Minister will issue a statement to the nation during the day, a source at No 10 Downing Street told Sky News.

The announcement comes after newly appointed Education Minister Michelle Donnellan resigned 36 hours after taking office. Defense Minister Ben Wallace has announced he is withdrawing support for the Prime Minister.

Northern Ireland Minister Brandon Lewis has also resigned.

Leader of the new party

New elections for party leaders for Britain’s ruling party will take place this summer, BBC News reported.

It also means the new prime minister will be in office before the Conservative party’s autumn conference in October.

The Conservatives lost the polls and would lose to the Social Democratic Labor Party if an election were held today. This is one of several important factors behind the recent turmoil.

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