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Two suspects arrested for cutting down Robin Hood trees

Two suspects arrested for cutting down Robin Hood trees

The perfect tree, which has stood alone for nearly 300 years, between two hills in a national park in Northumberland, was a landmark and perhaps one of the most famous plants in the world.

The tree, an American sycamore, was known from the 1991 movie “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” starring Kevin Costner, and was named “Tree of the Year” in England in 2016. But during the night of September 28, someone cut the tree down with a chainsaw. .

Since then, police and authorities have been working to bring someone to justice for vandalism.

Shortly after the tree was cut down, a 16-year-old boy and a 60-year-old man were arrested and later released on bail. Now two more people have been arrested, two men in their 30s. Reports say they should also have been released on bail Sky News.

Police: We are determined to achieve justice

Northumbria Police Inspector Rebecca Finney-Menzies told Sky News that the loss of the tree, dubbed Sycamore Gap, was felt on a profound level throughout their community as well as in other parts of the world.

– We have seen many touching tributes from people who have described what this iconic landmark means to them personally and to our region, says Rebecca Finney-Menezes and continues:

We have worked tirelessly to identify all those responsible and bring them into police custody and we are determined to achieve justice.

“People have scattered their ashes here.”

The day after the tree was cut down, citizens and visitors shared their feelings about the incident.

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“Very shocking news this morning, the tree is no longer there. Apparently some reckless idiot cut it down during the night. What in the world are people thinking? The Crown Inn, a local pub in Humshaugh, wrote on social media.

According to the pub, thousands of tourists came there every year to see the tree.

Jamie Driscoll is the mayor of North Tyne, the borough in which Hexham is located, and said shortly after the incident that he was trying to contain his anger at the vandalism.

– People have had their ashes scattered here. Suggest here. I personally had a picnic with my family here. “It’s part of our collective spirit,” he told The Guardian.

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