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Twice worries about the future after the chaos of travel

Twice worries about the future after the chaos of travel

Earlier this week, the news that seven departures this summer, from Landvetter – all with the destination Bulgaria, have been cancelled.

Adam Gyurki, Tui’s press director, says the reason is that one company in Bulgaria did not have the ability to take care of passengers at the airport.

– What we have done is to contact all customers to offer them to find a similar flight to Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Turkey or any other destination. He says it depends a little on what you can imagine.

The company in Bulgaria was not able to turn around as the pressure on travel increased after the pandemic.

– They are the ones who work at the airport to take care of baggage above all else. They have announced that they cannot take any more flights. I don’t know there will be more companies affected.

Flights to Bulgaria had to be cancelled.

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Sweden: “Digital Check-in”

Meanwhile, a lot of chaos was reported in June in both Arlanda and Landvetter over the summer. Especially since check-in takes so long that in some cases passengers miss their flights.

From the point of view of Sweden, those who operate most airports in Sweden, the general recommendation is not to arrive three hours before departure – to reduce congestion.

– It’s good to hear from your airline about when the check-in opens and is in place after that, not before. And to consult with your airline for current information, as usual, that applies to the specific flight, says Eileen Loren, press officer for Sweden.

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Another tip, she adds, is to check in digitally.

– To have a smoother start to the journey and prepare to go through the security check. Pick up his computer, take off his jacket, and set up a sandal in the liquid bag.

In Arlanda, there is major stress in the mornings and weekends when many are traveling at the same time. One of the actions was to open another terminal.

Landvetter Airport.

picture: Hannah Braunloff Windell

“Anger and disappointment”

Among Tui’s clients, some chose to refuse to travel to other destinations to get their money back instead.

But the pressure is still high, and Adam Georke says that was partly a blow to the charter company. However, travelers reacted well.

– You obviously feel first of all upset or frustrated, above all. But when you realize we’ll solve this and pay for it – it’s more expensive to go to Greece or Cyprus than to Bulgaria, and there we have to cater to the customer, says Adam Gyorky.

– This is the first time this has happened since we started in the 1960s, so it’s a new situation for us. This puts our travelers in a sad situation.


There are many who like to travel. It’s not the same levels as 2019 but like many who are booking week after week. We think travel will increase more from here.

Refers to the Danish Passport Administration

To prevent this, Tui also sent out directions with recommendations on when to be at the airport. It also refers to Denmark, which has not faced the same problems as Sweden.

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A million Swedes do not have passports today, as the system is not good enough. If you look at Denmark, for example, you will get a notification every time your passport is about to expire, so you know you have to do a new one. It maintains a constant flow. In Sweden we do not have an automated flow system and all systems are currently being tested.

It is unclear when it might be appropriate to travel to Bulgaria again. There are travelers who have to go there specifically so alternative destinations don’t help much. On the other hand, there were solutions from which travelers could be offered to fly, for example, Kastrup in Copenhagen.

And travel, many want to do.

– In July, it was more or less sold out, says Adam Gyurki.

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SAS warns of closure in Arlanda

Staff can be closed from the airport.