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Volleyball: Sweden prepares for Paris Olympics after defeat

Volleyball: Sweden prepares for Paris Olympics after defeat

Sweden's handball players are already gearing up for this summer's Olympics in Paris. Now women are also ready.

After a win against Japan and a loss against Hungary, Sweden “only” needed to beat Great Britain to qualify for the Olympics.

This was no problem for Thomas Agner's national team. Despite stars Linn Blom and Johanna Bundchen being put in the stands, Sweden had a stadium with the opposition.

After a massive 52-8 loss (26-6 in the final), the Olympic ticket was confirmed.

– I am happy with the ticket. “We've been fighting for it for a long time, and now we can get ready for summer,” Thomas Ochsner told Discovery's Broadcaster.

He gives his view on the game against Great Britain.

– It's a training session, but the girls are paying good attention. We conceded two goals in the second half and that's OK.

The second big hit

The winning margin of 44 goals was Sweden's second biggest. In 2009, Sweden won 66-21 (45 goals) against Australia.

Great Britain's place in Sweden's qualifying group came just days before the Olympic qualifiers in Debrecen, Hungary. The reason is that Cameron did not get a visa and thus could not stand. Two other African countries refused, and the matter then went to Britain.

Hungary beat Japan 37-28 to join Sweden in Paris.

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