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Tom Daley sticks to the stands during the swimming final

Tom Daly
Tom Daly

Tom Daley won the Olympics in synchronized swimming.

Then he appeared in the women’s singles final – looking to be stuck in the stands safely.

Tom Daley became the first openly gay athlete to carry the torch for Britain during the Olympic Opening Ceremony.

Once in the game, Tom Daley continues to be one of the characters in the lead. For the first time, he won with Matt Lee a synchronized swimming jump from a distance of ten metres. Tears flowed down the podium.

– He said after the gold medal, I’m so proud to be gay and an Olympic champion Watchman.

His first Olympic gold after winning two World Cup golds and two Olympic bronze medals.

After receiving his gold medal, he wanted to protect it from all possible damage. Therefore, he introduced his own protection, which he then showed on American television.

TV cameras are zoomed in

Knit bag with British and Japanese flags.

– It fits perfectly, and now I can carry it everywhere without the medal getting scratched, says Daly CBS News.

On Sunday, Daly appeared again. This despite the fact that he did not compete.

With sticks at the top hit, he appeared in the women’s three-meter final. Completely unaffected by the fact that TV cameras have outgrown him and the business.

What it actually sews is not clear to the untrained eye. At least it’s clear that he’s come a long way and the creation is purple.

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China’s Tingmao Shi won the women’s final.

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