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Three allows its customers to browse at no additional cost in the UK

Three allows its customers to browse at no additional cost in the UK

The UK left the European Union on 1 February 2020, and it is now up to the phone operators themselves to determine the cost of roaming in the country. Tre has chosen to allow all of its customers to continue browsing the internet at no additional cost in the UK. The UK, Germany and Spain are the most visited destinations in Europe, according to roaming figures covering Tre customers.

The UK is an important country for us and our customers, so it is only natural that we will continue to allow our customers to roam the country for free. We also have close collaboration with sister operator Three UK, says Lovisa van der Schoot, press officer at Tre.

With Brexit, 'Roam like at home' is no longer applicable in the UK. “Roam like at home” means that, as an EU citizen, you do not have to pay any additional fees to use your phone in another EU country.

Trey looked at the numbers from the last three years and the UK has always been at the top. According to the government website, Great Britain is a very popular tourist destination for Swedes, and about 100,000 Swedes live almost permanently in the country. It is also a very popular country for student exchange. The UK is also one of the most popular business destinations with many Swedish companies active in the country.

Three UK, the sister operator of Three, is one of the UK's leading mobile operators. The close cooperation with Three UK, coupled with the fact that Great Britain is a very popular country among Three's customers, both privately and corporately, makes it natural to continue to offer customers the Internet browsing service at no additional cost in Great Britain. .

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The survey was conducted in countries outside the Nordic countries.