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Thousands took part in demonstrations in favor of Bolsonaro

Thousands took part in demonstrations in favor of Bolsonaro

Bolsonaro, who has come under heavy criticism from his opponents for not taking the Corona pandemic seriously, has spoken in recent weeks of forcing mayors and governors to lift local virus restrictions. He also has Clear The army is ready to carry out its orders in the event of “problems”, without specifying what it refers to.

And among the demonstrators appeared on various trains banners supporting the military intervention.

We have to clear things up in Brazil so that the president can judge, says Elenier Ritone, 63, who demonstrated in Sao Paulo.

Virtual numbers

The president spoke to his supporters via the video link.

On May 1, red flags were waving, as if we were a socialist country. “I’m happy to see green and yellow flags all over the country, and people who are already working,” Bolsonaro said.

Meanwhile, opposition representatives, both right and left, participated in a joint virtual protest meeting. Speakers included former Social Democrat president Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, who ruled the country from 2003 to 2010, and his center-right political representative Fernando Henrique Cardoso.

‘A day of sadness’

Lula said: “This is May 1 of grief for the workers of our country, and it is the day when we mourn the lives of 400,000 people killed due to Covid-19, many of whom fell victim to the Bolsonaro government’s refusal to buy the offered vaccines.”

This week, a Senate committee launched an investigation into the government’s handling of the pandemic, which has drawn sharp criticism from many experts. The total number of deaths linked to the epidemic in Brazil, which has a population of 212 million, surpassed 400,000 on Thursday. About 190 people die per 100,000 inhabitants, which is one of the highest death rates per person in the world.

The recent increase in infections is thought to be partly due to the fact that a more contagious species first detected in the Amazon is becoming prevalent in the country.