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Thousands fight wildfires in California

Thousands fight wildfires in California

The flames are large enough to form clouds, which in turn can cause thunderstorms and strong winds, threatening to worsen the situation, according to experts.

If clouds get big enough, they can potentially cause lightning, says Julia Ruthford, a meteorologist who works on fire.

The fire is known as The Dixie Fire and has been raging in the forests of northwest California since mid-July, after the area experienced extremely hot and dry weather.

This weekend, the fire engulfed another fire and only 22 percent of the fire area was under control late Monday, according to the California Fire Department.

Despite the size of the fire – which has so far burned about 800 square kilometers – it has so far ravaged a relatively desolate area, with dozens of homes and smaller buildings destroyed. But the hard-to-reach terrain made firefighting work more difficult and made it difficult for the rescue service to navigate.

So far this year, fires have devoured three times more vegetation, compared to the same time last year, which was the worst fire year in California’s history so far.

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