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This summit highlights the need for consensus between the UK and the US

This summit highlights the need for consensus between the UK and the US

“I’ll not talk about this against you, or anything else,” Boris Johnson told Joe Biden.

That’s a joke.

But it is very true.

For the United Kingdom, the relationship with the United States is very important. As political pundits in London sit and say heard from their “safe sources” within 10 Downing Street, the government at least doesn’t care what the US president thinks about Brexit.

But the British government is basically always paying attention to what America thinks.

For example, the fact that Joe Biden won the election in November last year played a significant role in Britain finally concluding a Brexit agreement with the European Union.

Today Boris Johnson and Joe Biden met in person for the first time. The G7 meeting is set to take place in Corbys Bay on the outskirts of southwest England in Cornwall County. There were smiles and walks with wives Jill Biden and Gary Symonds on the beach. Wilfred, the youngest son of Boris Johnson, was also shown against the blue horizon. Boris Johnson tried to ease all tensions.

There are such.

The most senior US diplomat in Britain recently told the British Brexit minister that the British government was “triggering” tensions in Ireland through its policy on Northern Ireland.

In these contexts they were very harsh words.

The background is the complex trade policy compromise forced by Brexit in Northern Ireland. Joe Biden is generally concerned that the British government’s approach to Northern Ireland will threaten peace in the region. This is an issue that Biden is really interested in.

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Joe Biden strongly identifies with his mother’s Irish heritage. Many Americans of Irish background – although their families have not set foot in Ireland for many generations – often feel more Irish than Irish. But Joe Biden also has a deep commitment to peace in Northern Ireland.

When he was vice president under Barack Obama, he actually sat down and invited Northern Ireland party leaders when the government crisis erupted in 2015. In England, some wonder if Joe Biden knows the Northern Ireland issue better than Boris Johnson.

Now Boris Johnson has to impress himself beyond all that. The G7 meeting must be successful. The meeting is on British soil and is set to return to the UK in the international arena after Brexit.

In August 1941, Winston Churchill and then-US President Franklin Roosevelt agreed on a set of policies for global politics. This document became known as the Atlantic Declaration and is thought to have contributed to the creation of the UN and NATO.

Now Joe Biden and Boris Johnson are said to be preparing the New Atlantic Declaration.

Prior to the G7 summit, a memorandum was circulated among the delegates on the so-called “Cornwall Consensus” after the English district where the summit was being held. The Prime Minister has very big words.

This is generally undeniable in these contexts.

But some new themes can still be found. As it is said that world economies have to deal with issues related to the environment, health and inequality in completely new ways.

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We are entering some new political moment after the epidemic, and if Boris Johnson and the United Kingdom want to get involved in shaping it, we need to find a common ground with the United States.

So charming attack on the beach in Cornwall today.

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