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Wembley Stadium i London

Only the UK can buy tickets to the European Championship final

The two semi-finals of the European Championships will be held together with the final at Wembley Stadium in London, where a large audience of over 60,000 spectators has been promised who can follow the European Championship final. Yesterday, UEFA released tickets, making it very difficult for foreign fans to watch the matches live. At the same time, the outside world is critical of the fact that meetings are still scheduled to take place in the country.

The European National Championship is back with only a quarter-final match against Ukraine. The team had the great privilege of playing all three team matches, as well as the eighth match against Germany at home in London, thus being able to garner great support from the fans in their matches. With the rules set by the UEFA for the distribution of tickets to play-off matches, it seems that support can continue indefinitely.

The European Football Association has briefly selected the rules for who can buy tickets to matches on its website:

To purchase tickets, you must live in a common travel area (United Kingdom, Ireland, Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey).

This means that only people living in the UK have the opportunity to purchase tickets for the remaining meetings. Like Sweden in the 16th round in Glasgow, other teams can now hope to have the opportunity to go on stage to support fans living in the British Isles.

Many negative attitudes towards the final in London

Some suspect that the UEFA did not choose to move the competition from the UK because the country is struggling with the so-called delta virus. Another aspect that many have commented on is that they chose to fill two-thirds of the stadium during the tournament. German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer called the UEFA decision “completely irresponsible” to take too many visitors.
– I think it’s about business interests again. But Schofen told the media on Thursday that business interests should not take precedence over the need to protect people from infection.

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Also, Italy has urged English supporters not to go to Rome for the team’s quarterfinals. Supporters who violate these rules will be fined up to SEK 30,000. This is because visitors from the UK have to be isolated for five days when they arrive in Italy, which many do not have time to do before tomorrow’s match. Instead, the English Football Association is now trying to catch English fans living in other countries so they can come to Italy easily and cheer the team on.