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This FZ is playing this weekend - what are you playing?

This FZ is playing this weekend – what are you playing?

Bear herds, pizza-loving turtles, feral cats and more. It’s going to be a fun weekend of gaming.

It’s August, and while the summer of gaming may sing its last verses for some, we’re choosing to interpret the cup as half full: the summer of gaming continues! This week there will be old and new adventures with bears, cats and turtles. Yes, the whole animal kingdom will join us when we play.

Of course, we also want to hear what you’ll be playing – write in the comment thread!

Joachim Kellmann
Maybe force me through the rest live aliveor give up Appraiser 1966 or As dusk falls. There will likely be some board games as well.

Matthias Frost
Hammers and carpentry in a downright dilapidated (but charming!) building in Bear and breakfast.

Johnny Mirren
I thought I’d finally have time to go to Japan Journey to my day.

Valentine Lundin
I’m still in Sicily singing, but I sneak a little Civil 5 In the evening to relax!

Daniel Sjoholm
I thought I’d take the last chapter of raft which was released this summer. Then there will probably be a cat lap stray also. meow!

Mike Stranos
Run a mini switch marathon with Hyper Lighter DrifterAnd the black future 88′ And those turtles who love pizza.

Robin Anderson
Feel like you are exploring a post-apocalyptic world. Is there a better game to play this weekend than fallout 3? number!

Frederic Ericson
Because I have gaming obsessive-compulsive disorder and have been driving it lately Final Fantasy VII Will be … Final Fantasy VIII Remastered! It has not been played on this site since the turn of the millennium. Strange feeling.

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johan lorentzon
Become to defend the Earth from aliens in X-Com Enemy Unknown (Old classic, not new).

Joel Olson Svanfeldt
Take me further tales of resurrectionthe old deputy continues to save i FM15.