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Mp3-spelaren Winamp uppdateras efter 4 år

MP3 player Winamp updated after 4 years

Before the turn of the millennium, there was neither iPod nor Spotify for connected music lovers. Those who deal with file sharing need the Windows Winamp app. The site writes that the story is not over yet for this program Arstechnica.

When Napster, Limewire and Kazaa were the mecca of file sharing, mp3 Winamp software was required to be able to download songs to a computer.

Newer software and social platforms have quickly made Winamp obsolete. In 2013, AOL shut down the app after years of mismanagement. But this was not the end. Radionomy bought the leftover Winamp in January 2014 and did an update in 2016 and later in 2018. The idea was that an all-new version would actually come out in 2019, Update 6.0. But this never happened.

Only now – four years later – it’s time for a new release. Two separate development teams worked in parallel, primarily with updating the software code base. Winamp will look pedestrian and work as before.

Most notably, both Windows 11 support and https streams have been improved. However, there is still a risk that users will run into problems, as the software is not well configured for today’s high-resolution screens, according to Arstechnica.

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