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Third defeat in a row for weak Tottenham - Jose Mourinho's defensive speech focused on the referee: "One of the best teams in the league - he said I didn't like his effort" |  Sports

Third defeat in a row for weak Tottenham – Jose Mourinho’s defensive speech focused on the referee: “One of the best teams in the league – he said I didn’t like his effort” | Sports

Three surprises in one week. Time to question Tottenham’s performance? Coach Jose Mourinho praised the team’s cohesion – and watched the referee’s penalty decision in the derby against Chelsea.

Tottenham continued their defeats last week against Liverpool and Brighton by falling back hard in Thursday’s Premier League derby against Chelsea.

Chelsea, led by Thomas Tuchel, won 1-0 away from home after Jorginho’s penalty in the first half.

The penalty kick was preceded by a clumsy play from Eric Dier. The Englishman lost his balance and the ball in his team’s penalty area, and finally Timo Werner shot with his foot.

Jose Mourinho.
Jose Mourinho.
Bild: Agence France-Presse
Jose Mourinho

Guess if Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho is hooked when commenting on the end result? After arguing with Judge Andrei Mariner for a while, he came to the interview microphone.

I think he is one of the best referees in the league. So I can approach him and say I don’t appreciate his efforts. They were sentenced to a punishment, not a punishment. It’s hard to buy it. It hurts to be lost this way, Mourinho, according to the BBC.

Belle wears the seat

Spurs looked dormant in the derby for long stretches of time and lacked attacking ideas. The effect during the final minutes does not mask the problems of Tottenham’s attack when Harry Kane was injured.

Now the pressure is mounting on Mourinho. In less than two months, Tottenham moved from top of the league to top of the table and fourteen points off the lead.

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Crisis in the club? In fact, Tottenham have lost three consecutive league titles for the first time since Andre Villas Boas’ days at the club in 2012.

– It is not easy to see the consistency because of all the damage and the consequences of taming and losses. But I saw him in the second half. Certainly no doubt to me, Mourinho, according to Sky Sports.

Despite offensive breaks, Gareth Bale didn’t get any time to play. The Welshman has gotten stuck on the bench and has become a sensitive topic of conversation.

– You don’t deserve to get an answer to the question. “We are doing our best and so is Gareth,” Mourinho said of the decision not to replace Bale.

Silva injured herself

On the other hand, Chelsea received a boost after changing coach at the end of January. Seven points in three games is Thomas Tuchel’s early London tally.

Thomas Tuchel Ferrar and Chelsea.

Thomas Tuchel took over after Frank Lampard.
Thomas Tuchel Ferrar and Chelsea.
Bild: Agence France-Presse
Thomas Tuchel

Chelsea are sixth in the Premier League after winning 1-0 on Thursday.

We dominated the whole game in the first half. In other cases, we lost possession and more aggressiveness in the penalty area would have been fine, but I’m very happy with the win, says Tuchel.

The only setback for Chelsea in the derby was that Thiago Silva had to boycott in the first half. The midfielder had sore buttocks after the break.

After the match, Tuchel confirmed that Silva will likely miss Sunday’s game against Sheffield United. Chelsea have a fairly comfortable program until the resumption of the Champions League against Atlético Madrid on February 23.

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Tottenham – Chelsea 0-1 (0-0)