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Chaotic scenes at Old Trafford - Angry Manchester United fans storm their castle before the big match |  Sports

Chaotic scenes at Old Trafford – Angry Manchester United fans storm their castle before the big match | Sports

Unbelievable pictures from Manchester United’s stadium at Old Trafford before tonight’s big game against Liverpool. Fans are tired of the club’s owners – and tens of thousands of angry fans expressed their displeasure at the stadium on Sunday.

Manchester United’s owner, the American Glazers, has long been unpopular with the club’s supporters.

The failed coup to join the Premier League appears to have been the last straw for many United fans. After the chaos with the new league, many fans expressed their displeasure, and it was time for mass protests on Sunday.

Hours before tonight’s derby against Liverpool, it was really worrying at Old Trafford. According to Sky Sports Up to 10,000 fans gathered to demonstrate outside the stadium, And the videos show how hundreds of them stormed the field.

Fans also gathered outside the hotel where United were staying before the match, surrounding the player’s bus, among other things. Tonight’s referee Michael Oliver had to turn around while on his way to the ring.

Later in the evening, it was reported that the match would not take place on Sunday. The new match date is still unclear.

Man United supporters protest outside Old Trafford.
Bild: Agence France-Presse
Manchester United, Old Trafford


Premier League:

Newcastle Arsenal 0-2
Manchester United – Liverpool moved
Tottenham – Sheffield United 4-0


Valladolid – Betis 1–1
Villarreal – Getafe 1–0
Granada – Cadiz 0-1
Valencia – Barcelona 2–3


Lazio – Genoa 4-3
Bologna – Fiorentina 3-3
Naples – Cagliari 1–1
Sassuolo – Atalanta 1–1
Udinese – Juventus 1-2
Sampdoria – Roma 2-0

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With Atalanta’s cross, Inter won their first league title since 2010.

Dutch League:

Eindhoven-Heerenveen 2-2
Groningen – Sparta Rotterdam 1-2
Ajax-Emen 4-0
The Hague – Feyenoord 3-2

Ajax secured the 35th Dutch League title.

Scottish League, Best Final Series:

Rangers-Celtic 4-1
R: Glenn Camara 90 minutes, help

The article was updated with information about the match action at 20.21 and the results at 22.17.