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They succeeded in producing jet fuel from carbon dioxide

They succeeded in producing jet fuel from carbon dioxide

E-Jet is made of carbon dioxide, and according to the US Air Force, jet fuel can be used in civil and military aviation.

The US Air Force has confirmed that the fuel offers the same properties as conventional jet fuel, but with 90% lower life cycle emissions.

The E-Jet is a collaboration between California-based Twelve Corporation and Tulsa-based Emerging Fuels Technology.

Electrek Reports The companies claim to be the first with carbon dioxide-free, fossil-free aviation fuel for jet aircraft.

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E-Jet is produced in an electrochemical reactor with a catalyst developed by the companies, where the synthesis gas consists of carbon dioxide. Synthesis gas consists of carbon monoxide and hydrogen, which are then refined into fuel.

The project was co-financed by the U.S. Air Force, and the development was carried out in collaboration with the Office of Operational Energy through the AFWERX program at the Air Force Research Laboratory, as well as the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program.

Over the summer, the US Air Force flew a test flight with the E-Jet, and now the Air Force states that it is possible to combine fuel-efficient and high efficiency with environmental considerations.

At the same time, Emerging Fuels Technology claims it can convert 80 percent of the original raw materials into fuel, compared to other biofuel-related processes, which often have to settle for 65 percent. Fuel can now be ordered from Twelve’s website.