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Nathan Shahar: An Important Victory for the Turkish Regime - Loser Political Prisoners

Nathan Shahar: An Important Victory for the Turkish Regime – Loser Political Prisoners

The solution to the crisis came after the United States made it clear that it respects Article 41 of the Vienna Convention, which prohibits diplomats from interfering in the internal affairs of host countries. Most of the countries that called in Turkey’s call for the release of the two imprisoned leaders soon joined the American line.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan He hastened to seize the opportunity and announce that there is now a way out of the crisis and the revocation of Turkey’s unwanted declaration by the ten ambassadors, including the Swedish ambassadors.

There is no evidence for this, but there is much to suggest that the advocacy initiative that provoked such anger in Ankara came from the United States, and that the United States, realizing its own misjudgment, “took a step back,” Erdogan said.

President Erdogan.

Photo: Murad Kola/AFP

It is not clear what The ten nations expected their invitation. It takes a little knowledge of Turkey’s internal conditions to realize that an open invitation will fail on purpose. Khalil Karaveli, Turkey expert at the Silk Road Institute, tells DN:

– If you want to harm the two prisoners’ cause, you can’t choose a better way. Leading newspaper writers can sharpen the tone in this way, but diplomacy is done by other means. Turkey does not want to separate from the West, but there are things it cannot accept.

There are countries Who should yield to pressures of the kind that the ten Western countries were trying to exert on Turkey? But the Turkish leadership is well aware of its value as a member of NATO and a major player in the Mediterranean, Syria, Libya and the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict.

For four years, the regime has done its best to portray Kavala and Demirtas as traitors of the Night Blacks. Their release after warnings from other countries would have undermined her position in domestic politics.

If they really want to try to free the two prisoners, it will be done by other means, for example by going to Turkey to meet about the military aircraft they want to buy from the United States. Since the United States stopped exporting the F-35 giant jet to Turkey, the Turks have requested new copies of the older F-16 fighter jet, but it also appears that the US Congress has blocked this deal.

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