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These pictures are not worth - just kick him

These pictures are not worth – just kick him

In some kind of philosophical context, we all live in lost time. But no one but Steve Bruce.

A week ago, Saudi Arabia, through its state investment fund PIF, stepped in and bought English Premier League team Newcastle United. Which then transformed in a second from being a team at the bottom of the crisis (they certainly still are somewhat) to becoming the richest football club in the world.

However, let’s not be fooled by the technical matters, PIF is Saudi Arabia and there are a lot of things that can be resolved in this purchase. I have done this personally, among other things, in a previous column and in Bowden kick and rush.

Now I just want to talk about how bad I feel about Steve Bruce.

Steve Bruce “Dead Man Walking”

Saudi Arabia barely had time to beat the 3.5 billion crowns that the club cost to former owner Mike Ashley before speculation began.

Who will take over from Steve Bruce?

Bruce, who was successful as a Manchester United player in the ’80s and ’90s, never quite reached the same level as a coach. And certainly not in Newcastle.

Bruce took charge of the club in the summer of 2019 and led the team in 96 games. In these 96 matches, he averaged, in diplomatic terms, 1.17 points per game. Hans Newcastle has started this season poorly and is second in last place with no win and only three points in seven games.

Bruce recently said he’s following his routine “I hope the club stays where it is”.

It is hardly consistent with the ambition of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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These are not worth mentioning pictures of Steve Bruce

Therefore, he is a “walking dead man” since the second Saudi entry into the club. So I’m a little shocked that he’s sitting down and doing the press conference ahead of the weekend’s game against Tottenham.

He knows, the players know, all the journalists on the site know, and the people who aren’t interested in football know.

Even the mother of Bye Lenin knows.

Steve Bruce will be fired from Newcastle. It could happen in a month (barely), or a minute (probably). But Bruce is not the man to lead Saudi Arabia’s Newcastle team forward.

So why does he have to sit here and answer questions?

I understand that the owners haven’t found the perfect replacement yet, but it would certainly be reasonable to leave Bruce and put a temporary solution in place.

This is just a humiliation for Bruce and I feel very sorry for him. No matter what you think of his coaching career, it’s not worth it.

Just let him go. Give him the most beautiful fire.

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