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Ireland's Zachary Bouzdi accuses Hamrabi of playing in the derby

Ireland’s Zachary Bouzdi accuses Hamrabi of playing in the derby

He’s not a player who makes headlines, hasn’t managed to score an all-Swede goal and compared to many of his teammates, Zachary Bouzidi’s record is pretty poor.

But if there’s anyone coach Bartosz Grzelak can trust, it’s the 23-year-old Irishman.

After training with AIK for three days in early July, he got the chance to sign a long-term contract until 2024.

– It appears that the club and Bartosz believe in me. I was surprised that AIK showed interest because it’s a really big club and I haven’t played a lot of games in the last year.

The question is what has Zachary Bouzdi so successful in three training sessions that have been so impressive.

did you jump higher, Did he shoot hard or run faster than anyone else?

Honestly, we didn’t train much. I think they wanted to see more that I wasn’t a stranger who came and disturbed the group. But Zachary Bouzdi says I am completely calm and self-confident, and it is undeniable that he gives that impression during the interview before the derby against Hammarby.

But if we are to tell the truth, AIK has been focusing on the Irish for a long time.

As an under-21 player, he met Sweden twice in 2019 and won both.

We beat Sweden 3-1 in Kalmar and 4-1 at home in Ireland, says Zachary Bouzdi, who was also the final scorer in Dublin.

At the time, AIK coach Bartosz Gerzelak was an assistant captain for the Swedish Under-21 team.

– Rani Bartosz in the national under-21 team and in some other matches. So he knows me well, says Zachary Bouzdi with a smile.

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He started playing football at his home in Dublin when he was five years old.

Football is the biggest, but rugby and Gaelic football are also popular sports.

For the derby against Djurgården, the parents and older brother came and checked them out and celebrated the win with Zachary Buzdi.

Photo: Jesper Zerman/Bildbyrån

When he was 16 years old, he had the opportunity To go to West Bromwich Albion in the English Premier League.

He started on the U18 team and made his way up the U21 and U23 teams.

– I learned alot. I always wanted to go ahead and do something with the ball, as I learned to understand the game and developed my tactical ability, I have to thank them for that.

In the summer of 2017, he left West Bromwich and signed a two-year contract with Scottish Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC, the next day he injured his knee and a year later the contract was broken and he returned home to Ireland.

At Waterford, he started matching and hopes were high when in mid-December 2019 he signed a 3.5-year contract with English side Lincoln City.

Then the epidemic came, and three months later, the season was canceled.

But Zachary Bouzdi made his debut in front of 31,748 spectators against Sunderland.

It was great to play in front of such a large audience.

He also spent a month in Scottish Elgin City, when 779 spectators turned up only to see the team take Peterhead away, a match which Elgin won 7-0.

In the second derby against Djurgarden, After winning 1-0 in front of 42,539 spectators, his parents and older brother from Ireland came for the first time to see him play in AIK right away.

– It was a special match for them to participate in. After that we ate and celebrated together in the city. My brother is a fan of Liverpool and watched some of their matches. He said that the derby was the most amazing match he participated in, and that it came from him and he felt special.

Before Sunday’s derby, he started ten games in a row, but did not manage to score a goal in the Allsvenskan team.

– I was close but the goalkeepers made good saves. But I’m not worried, the main thing is that I can help AIK win.

Zachary Elbouzedi, who plays on the right flank in midfield, scored, but that was when AIK won 5-0 against the 3rd division team Rågsveds IF and advanced to the group stage of the Swedish Cup.

It’s good to score goals but if you score and we lose, we won’t win anything. Victory is always the most important thing.

He talks about the feeling of coming to training the day after you win.

– I like the feeling, when the group gathers and everyone is happy that we got three points.

There have been no goals for Zachary Bouzdi yet, but the most important is the team's victory.

There have been no goals for Zachary Bouzdi yet, but the most important is the team’s victory.

Photo: Simon Hastegard / Bildbyrån

Since then in Britain He knows former national team players Sebastian Larsson, who spent 14 seasons in England, the longest he has played at Sunderland, and Mikael Lustig who spent seven seasons at Celtic.

– They are very humble even though their careers have been great and they continue to play at the top level. They might be a little cocky looking at their career but that’s not the case.

Today’s squad includes national team players such as Aleksandar Milosevic and goalkeeper Christopher Nordfeldt.

– But there is no vanity in this group, everyone is down to earth.

He himself played for the Irish national youth teams from 15 to Under 21. But he was not called up to the national team.

– There is a step to be taken, and we will see what happens.

He had national team captain Stephen Kenny as coach of the national under-21 team.

Stephen Kenny knows me well. Ireland will not qualify for the World Cup finals in Qatar but have won their last two international matches.

Libya ordered from Zachary Al-Bozdi If he does not want to play for their national team, as long as he does not play internationally, he has the opportunity to choose Libya or Ireland.

My father came from Libya to Ireland more than 30 years ago. I feel Irish and I want to play for my country, not come to another country and play.

If AIK wins the derby against Hammarby, they will also take a step towards gold in the Swedish Championship.

– We are in a good position but nothing is clear after 22 games, there is a lot that can happen in the remaining eight games. We have to deal with it game by game and we have it in our hands, it’s just a matter of staying focused.