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Therese Nellshagen is the best Swedish woman in the European Freestyle Championships

Therese Nellshagen is the best Swedish woman in the European Freestyle Championships

Therese Nielhagen, over Dante Weltino, finished eighth with 76.869 per cent during the European Championship final in Thursday’s special Grand Prix and advanced to the freestyle today. The crew made a solid and stable contribution to today’s free music program, but they had some small bugs, including changes in each. The judges gave Nillshagen 81.325 percent.

– It was so much fun and I thought I had very good control to put my equipment in midfield. I’ve always worn them, and I think I messed up a little and wasn’t clear with the help. There was something in the connection, but I can put it back which is fine. Other than that, I think we managed to operate in a controlled manner so I am satisfied, Therese Nilschagen tells SVT Sport.

The result was that, after effort, Therese Nilschagen was placed third. But then many other riders excelled. Rule Olympic champion Jessica von Bredow-Werndl and Dalera BB He took 91.021 percent and won the competition – the third German gold this week in Hagen.
Denmark’s Catherine Dufour won the silver medal at the European Championships The Bohemian at 88.436 and Bronze went to Charlotte Dujardin and Geo, UK, at 87246.

Neilshagen ended up placing eighth.

“We’ve had three very good, very nice seasons with the team and we’ve seen very nice sports,” says Therese Nilschagen when summarizing her week at the European Championships.

Ramil is right behind him

Juliette Rammel was Sweden’s best dressed player at the European Dressage Special Grand Championships on Thursday. She and horse Buriel had a tough time with the spin and took an expensive loss, but a good start gave 76.9 percent seventh, and progressed to the freestyle today – It eventually became 80.175 per cent. This means ninth place today.

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They’re at a fantastic level, he’s getting better and better with each competition,” national team coach Louise Nathurst told SVT Sport before the competition.

Ramill started strong but then had some mistakes, among other things, some of the substitutions didn’t work out completely, which meant a percentage loss.

The third competition in a short time, Rammell, who himself was the effort, praised his 15-year-old imagination that continues to make strides in development.

– He’s been feeling rested and refreshed all week. He calmed down a bit in the freestyle. There really is more, Rammell tells SVT Sport.

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Neilshagen eight in the European Freestyle Championships Photo: Bildeberan

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