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Fourth place in Sweden: "Not at all disappointed"

Fourth place in Sweden: “Not at all disappointed”

During the first part of Tuesday’s team competition, Jacob Norby Sørensen got Romeo Muegelberg on 68,432 officiants and Gina Hojberg and Lorenzo last started with 72,252 percent. This means that Sweden was in sixth place before the decisive part.

But the strong Swedish crews that stayed through Wednesday put in a good effort and Sweden finished fourth on the podium.

It’s certainly not dissatisfaction but it’s always annoying to get off the podium, Bo Jenå tells SVT Sport.

“Among the best I’ve seen”

He was the first to go out in the hot sun in Hagen, Germany today Therese Nilshagen as Dante Weltino Old I delivered a really great, cohesive program that got 76,941 percent.

– It’s among the best I’ve seen riding. This was beautiful. It was very nice in shape, says SVT expert, Gunilla Byström.

Neilshagen himself was satisfied.

– My feelings are that it was very pleasant. I felt very good. It’s a little frustrating, so we may have gotten out of the rhythm a bit, but I’ve tried to calm myself down and make the best of the situation, she says.

The Swedish crew won a beauty queen

The last Swedish crew out of Var Juliette Rammel and Borrell K. The Grand Prix started really well and they seemed to be heading towards a very good rate. But in the end there was a misunderstanding and they stopped. However, they finished strong with a score of 76,196 percent.

– It was a misunderstanding. It took such a strong stance that he thought it was going to slow down, says expert Gunilla Byström.

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Rammell himself was delighted with Borrell KH who put in a great performance just a few weeks ago in Tokyo.

– It can happen to anyone. Everyone misses you sometimes, you have to put him behind you as fast as you can. She says I m so happy, he is almost feeling better here.

Therese Nellshagen, who finished seventh separately, Juliette Rammell, ninth, and Gina Hojberg, 24, are all in the singles Grand Prix Special that will be decided on Thursday. The top 30 teams from the Team Competition will get there.

“Couldn’t have wished for a better tour”

Britain was ahead after the first day but on Wednesday it was Germany that dominated. Just as in the team competition at the Olympics in Tokyo, they are now home to their home soil, even though they didn’t have the exact same squad.

German soccer player Jessica von Prideaux Werndel, who took the individual Olympic gold medal in Tokyo, today showed that her level is solid. I rode with Tsf Dalera BB almost perfect ride And no one can challenge it at 84.099 percent.

– She was absolutely gorgeous today from the first second to the next. I couldn’t have wished for a better tour, says Jessica von Bredow-Werndl after her tour.

Instead, Britain had to accept silver Charlotte Dujardin secured with Geo. And 79.829 percent of them indicated that the closest Denmark they were caught could not handle. Denmark took the bronze.

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