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There are a lot of myths and lies about wind energy

There are a lot of myths and lies about wind energy


“When you ask, you get answers Svea Fiend” NT 2/9

This is partly because we have an obligation to do so, and partly because it is important that politicians make decisions on the basis of facts, not on exaggerations, myths or lies. Unfortunately, the latter occurs to a very large extent in relation to wind energy construction.

Based on the lack of facts about public opinion, we turned to the reputable opinion firm Novus. Their experts have produced a survey. They make sure that the questions are phrased neutrally and that we interpret the results correctly when we communicate them. Novus also confirmed that the survey is statistically reliable and that they of course stand behind the results. Everything communicated by Svea Vind Offshore about the survey has been approved by Novus and its statisticians.

Monica Vasin is absolutely right: when you ask, you get answers. The question we are asking and the answer we are looking for is how municipal residents want the municipality to behave regarding the financing of the Långgrund project. nothing else.

We want Långgrund to be examined by the Land and Environment Court in accordance with Swedish environmental legislation. The Novus poll shows that an overwhelming majority of the population (75%) agrees.

Some things we want to address:

  • If the park has an unacceptable impact, it will not get the green light from the Land and Environment Court. Experts are testing the application according to one of the world’s strictest environmental laws and evaluating whether Långgrund can coexist with all other interests.
  • Långgrund will not become “the world’s largest wind farm”. There are several large parks in Sweden and Europe that are planned today.
  • The fact that the Swedish Armed Forces has given negative notice several times is due to the fact that it is a party to the consultation. When the application is updated, we have to ask again. The fact that they give up their support early on is common, but it doesn’t mean they won’t say no later.
  • Svea Vind Offshore AB, founded by two Swedish entrepreneurs with a strong commitment to climate, owns and plans the park. If given the green light, an investment is required to build the park. We cooperate with Iberdrola – the world leader in renewable energy. These companies have unique competence in constructing and operating long-term offshore wind power plants in Great Britain, France and Germany, and are owned by tens of thousands of shareholders, including the Norwegian Central Bank, BlackRock Investment Company, and the Qatari Investment Fund. . None of these matters can affect Ibedrola’s operations except by vote at the annual general meeting.
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Footnote: More facts about the poll, how it was conducted, and how Novus interprets the results can be found on our website. More facts about Iberdrola and its commitment to sustainability and investing in the UN Global Sustainability Gap can be found on the Iberdrola website.