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Backed by Spotify investors – Malmö-based Getaccept now breaks the $100 million mark

Backed by Spotify investors – Malmö-based Getaccept now breaks the $100 million mark

Getaccept is a company that in less than six months has appeared in two very different graphics on Breakit martech mapping And Legal mapping. This can be explained by the fact that the company’s operations are located somewhere on the border between the two regions. What Getaccept did is they developed a tool for electronic signature and document management. Simply put, a “deal room” was created where customers and buyers could exchange information.

The company, which is headquartered in Malmö, submitted its annual report. We will get to the results in the latest financial statements, but first we will do a simple review of the group structure. Getaccept AB is owned by Getaccept Holdings which in turn is a wholly owned subsidiary of Getaccept Inc in sunny California, USA (which is common among entrepreneurs who were part of Y-Combinator).

When we last wrote about Getaccept, it was with figures from fiscal year 2021. The company’s turnover then amounted to SEK 72.5 million.

Now we can reveal that Getaccept has broken the 100 million mark. The company’s turnover reached 108.6 million in 2022. The result after financial items fell to -53.8 million kroner, a slightly larger loss than in 2021 when the corresponding figure was -40.6 million kroner.

Owners have raised capital

Getaccept was founded by the CEO Samir Smajić together with Matthias Thulin, Jonas Plank And Karl Carrel.

It’s not exactly easy to sort out ownership specifically due to the parent company’s US residency, but we do know that they’ve received investments from business angels like Spotify’s former CFO Peter Sterkey And investor Spotify Felix Hagno. Following the last known round of SEK 170 million in 2020, venture capital firms Bessemer Venture Partners and DN Capital became the largest outside owners.

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The company has not taken any external capital since 2020, but in the annual report Getaccept appears to have received a shareholder contribution of SEK 62.5 million.

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