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Theater in Britain believes it has found the stage where Shakespeare played

Theater in Britain believes it has found the stage where Shakespeare played

St George’s Guildhall is Britain’s oldest working theatre, dating back to 1445. When the theater was recently refurbished, a wooden floor was found beneath the hall’s existing flooring. The woodwork dates back to the 15th century, and the theater claims that William Shakespeare performed on the stage in 1592 or 1593.

William Shakespeare is considered one of the most important playwrights of all time. Photo: TT

During this period, theater companies left London, as the capital’s theaters were closed due to the plague. The Earl of Men of Pembroke, of whom Shakespeare is believed to have been a member, then visited King’s Lynn.

– We have a town ledger from 1592 to 1593, which shows that the town paid the Shakespeare Company to come and perform at the venue, the theatre’s creative director, Tim Fitzhigham, tells the BBC.

Covered for 75 years

The found floor had been covered for 75 years, when a new floor was laid in the theatre. Dr. Jonathan Clark, an expert on historic buildings, was called in to examine the building.

-We wanted to open up a small area to see if there was anything left from the past. And look what we found! He says, according to the BBC.

The floor was dated through a combination of tree ring dating and examination of the floor’s unusual assembly method. The floor was probably laid between 1417 and 1430.

– We know that this was definitely here in 1592, and so we believe that Shakespeare played his part at King’s Lynn, so it is possible that this was the surface on which Shakespeare walked, says Jonathan Clarke, and continues:

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– This was the part of the hall where the performances were held.

Shakespeare’s presence was re-discussed

This discovery is not only limited to the largest wooden floor dating back to the fifteenth century in Britain, but if it is true that Shakespeare was there in the period from 1592 to 1593, it is the only remaining theater in which the British poet performed.

The question of whether or not Shakespeare was present on stage at King’s Lynn is hotly debated. It is “very likely” that he was a member of the Earl of Pembroke’s men, according to Tiffany Stern, a professor who focuses on William Shakespeare and early modern drama.

She told the BBC that the evidence proving his presence there must be collected, but it is very strong.

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