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An interesting historical page about women’s health and courage

An interesting historical page about women’s health and courage

When Angela Creighton finds a mysterious letter containing a poignant confession, she becomes obsessed with finding the letter’s recipient. Her research takes her back to the 1970s, when a group of brave women ran an underground abortion movement in Toronto, Canada. They used code words, and if a woman needed help, all she had to do was “ask for Jane.”

Asking for Jane by Heather Marshall

In parallel with Angela’s discoveries, we can follow two women – Evelyn and Nancy – several decades ago. Their lives were deeply affected by politics and women’s health in the 1970s, when abortion was illegal, but still a part of many women’s lives.

Ask about Jane Written by Heather Marshall, this is an exciting and interesting book, based on true events. It has become a bestseller in the United States and Canada, and has been translated into several languages.

About the author:
Heather Marshall was born and raised in Canada, where she still lives with her family and their huge golden retriever. Her first novel Ask about Jane It was a hit in Canada and spent 27 weeks on the bestseller list. The book has also been sold to several countries and is being made into a television series.

It was said about the book:
“A masterful debut novel about life choices and motherhood.” – Christine Harmel

“Page turner.” – Publishers Weekly

“A powerful novel about three strong women whose lives are unexpectedly woven together. A secret network of women fighting for their rights. Current Single
A novel about motherhood.
– Library Magazine

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Book facts:
Title: Ask About Jane
Original title: Looking for Jane
Author: Heather Marshall
Cover: James Iacobelli
Swedish cover editing: Anna Levan
Translator: Cristina Mansica
Release date: 01-10-2024
ISBN: 9789177717492

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