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The whole family died in the plane crash | The World

The whole family died in the plane crash | The World

The Van Epps Family – James, Ryan, Laura, and Harrison.

Image: Facebook

Brothers James, 12, and Harrison Van Epps, 10, from Georgia were very interested in sports, and their parents Laura, 42, and Ryan, 42, encouraged them to do so.

“Ryan and Laura supported their children in everything they wanted to do,” says Ryan’s father, Jim.

The family was in New York last week for a baseball tournament where James' team was playing. They flew there in a private single-engine plane piloted by Laura's father, Roger Biggs, 76.

On June 30, the five were scheduled to return home again. The plan was to first stop for fuel in West Virginia and then continue on to Georgia.

But shortly after takeoff, the plane had an unknown problem and crashed, killing all five people on board.

“It's a huge tragedy for our family,” Jim says.

“Unimaginable loss”

Ryan Van Epp's sister, Ansley, wrote on Facebook that the family's deaths were an “unimaginable loss.”

“Let us remember their wonderful lives. Their kindness, laughter and love will remain in our hearts forever.“,” Ansley writes.

She wrote that this is “a very difficult time.”

“Let us find strength and comfort in the memories and outpouring of love from all who knew them.” Ansley writes.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp expressed his “deepest condolences to all who knew and loved them.”

The plane crash will be investigated to determine the cause of the crash.