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Scary insect spreads in Sweden's paradise: 'The danger is clear' | World

Scary insect spreads in Sweden's paradise: 'The danger is clear' | World

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Now the tiger mosquito has also spread to the Swedish paradise of Mallorca.


The film revolves around the terrifying tiger mosquito that has spread in many European countries in recent years, and was encountered for the first time in Sweden last year.

It originally comes from Southeast Asia and can carry and spread viruses such as dengue, chikungunya and Zika.

Spread in Swedish paradise

Now tiger mosquitoes have also spread to the Balearic Islands and the Swedish paradise of Mallorca, according to the Mallorca Daily Bulletin.

In the past, authorities in Palma have taken action by spraying 40 hectares of wetlands in the city with insecticide to kill larvae and eggs.

Authorities in Menorca also issued advice to the public this week to prevent further spread.

“The danger is clear in the Balearic Islands and we have to take it seriously”the authorities write in a press release.

Call of the authorities

This includes, among other things, emptying, cleaning and refilling with new water, for example, in small swimming pools and water containers for pets. For larger swimming pools and fountains, regular chlorination or insecticide treatment is recommended.

Locals and tourists are also encouraged to download the “Mosquito Alert” app where further preventive measures are available.

However, being bitten does not mean that you will automatically be infected with a dangerous virus.

– Mosquitoes do not automatically catch the virus, but they have to bite someone who is infected with the virus first. Anders Lindström, a mosquito expert at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute (SVA), explained in an interview that if they do not have viruses with them when they come, they can only spread viruses that are present in the area where they live. press release Regarding the discovery of the tiger mosquito in Sweden.

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