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The US, UK and Israeli intelligence controls the information to Spain due to the presence of Podemos

The Presence of Potemos Is in government with Spain Admirable effects Based on the cooperation of international intelligence services. Admirable and sensitive. Internal sources familiar with CNI’s day-to-day operations have confirmed to Okadiario that the control of information available to Spain by some of the major intelligence services of the major powers is already clear. Among them, the greatest collaborators in the fight against terrorism are: The US Intelligence Service, That UK And that Israel.

An internal source familiar with the work in Spain points out: “Daily work shows that there is no official or unofficial communication to warn about the regulation of shipwreck or routine coordination in large national or international related activities, but the truth is that the submission of data and the demand for cooperation are not the same as in the past. . Same source “Reason is obvious:” The distrust it creates The existence of the government and the clear relations with some dictatorial regimes and the CNI of a party associated with internationally prosecuted crimes. A party called “Bodemos”.

Countries This is normal for countries Their intelligence services are always on the lookout People who have direct contact with investigative leaders within the regular work of the same intelligence services do not want to change, at least to some extent, important information about certain activities in a country like Spain that is managed, ”explains the source, referring to Podemos.

The truth is that this distrust has already been openly observed, even in open and strict intelligence meetings held by major powers to address international issues such as terrorism. Thus, two of the last international summits where critical issues related to terrorism or immigration mafias were discussed were not counted in Spain. Representatives of the social communist government unofficially promise it There is no national interest in attending, But diplomatic sources consulted by OKDIARIO reiterated it Never tried to call SpainTo be together with the rest of the forces. In fact, the obvious reality is that national rulers are not in those appointments, they are not expected.

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These appointments first took place in the second half of January. Host Germany. Berlin welcomed international leaders and parties to the conflict to address and resolve the crisis in Libya. The points on the table could not be more decisive for Spain: The progress of jihadism, The situation in Libya And the consequent eviction of refugees, and Intense Islamic pressure On the opposite shore of the Mediterranean in neighboring Spain.

The parties involved in the Libyan conflict, as well as leaders such as Erdogan, Putin, Macron and Johnson, have not hesitated to resolve the political game and show their support for a ceasefire in the country. North Africa.

Participants considered Germany and its allies to be decisive in taking a position in the international community: the presidents of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan; From France, Emmanuel Macron; Of Russia, Vladimir Putin; Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte; UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres; German Chancellor, Angela Merkel; British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson; President of the Council of the European Union, Charles Michael; President of the European Commission, Ursula van der Leyen, And the President of Egypt, abdel Fattah el-Cisi. No sign of Spain.

Diplomatic circles in the newspaper rejected, pointing out that our country is not interested in attending and national representatives were never invited.

But the second meeting, apparently in the absence of Spain, was even more obvious. Half November. France, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands meet Clearly the Anti-Terrorism Summit. Spain are out of action again with Italy and Greece.

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In the discussion table, there is no one else Schengen area reform And shielding and reinforcement of control systems at external boundaries. Translated: One of Spain’s major problems at the time was the sinking of a new crisis of boats.

On top The future of jihadist control was discussed Next Attacks It happened Paris, Awesome The One. But the French government met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, from the same macron that Sanchez claims to have a powerful strategic alliance in Europe; Austrian President Sebastian Kurz and Dutchman Mark Rutte, as well as European Council President Charles Michel and European Commission President Ursula van der Leyen. Not with Spain. They have no interest in attending because they claim to be unofficially from the government.