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Outrage of health workers in the UK over a 1% pay rise

Workers and Trade Unions They consider the 1% pay rise announced this week to be ridiculous with public budgets in advance of the expansion, which begins this Monday, and warns of an exodus from the health community They do not realize the value.

Boris Johnson, however, insists that they can do this Hard times of epidemics. In fact, the only professionals in the public sector who are not disabled are health professionals.

They expect recognition from the government

Toilets, a The main partnership In order to control the corona virus infection, they have received numerous accreditations in the United Kingdom. So, they expected Thanksgiving to translate into a pay rise, but they didn’t have it.

There will be an increase, yes, but only 1%. Spanish toilets living in the United Kingdom still don’t believe it. “With a net salary of 2,000 2,000 a month, it would be around with a 1% increase 20 pounds more a month, So I think it’s more symbolic than anything else, “explains Raul, a nurse in London.

They will not experience a wage freeze, but their rise will remain the same Ridicule The department is already announcing mobilizations. Jesus Correiros, an ICU nurse in London, denounces that “this is a bit disappointing because the effort put in is enormous.”

The increase will be equal 4 euros more per week To an experienced nurse. “These are difficult times and we have tried to provide as much national health care as possible,” he said.