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The update will make Android work better with watches, speakers, computers, and more

The update will make Android work better with watches, speakers, computers, and more

It may seem normal for gadgets to be able to talk to each other, but this is not always the case. However, it is a prerequisite for the realization of the smart home and many other promises in the field of technology development.

Google’s new initiative, now announced at CES, is kicking off its Fast Pair feature. It has been around since 2017 and should allow you to easily connect a pair of new headphones to your phone without any hassle. Yes, that’s the idea at least, although most people who’ve tried it have noticed Not always without problems.

Now, however, Fast Pair will also be expanded to smart home devices, cars, speakers and more so you can get started quickly and easily with your new device. Chromebooks are also included and in the future you can set up a new Chromebook with your Android device that way you can share information about your Google login and your wifi password automatically with your new computer. Chromebooks should also be able to detect new headphones with built-in support for smart devices Standard issue hinders In Android, Fast Pair has also been expanded to include a wide range of smart home products such as lights, security cameras, and more.

Google hasn’t forgotten about the watches either, because in a couple of months, Google says, you’ll be able to unlock your computer, phone, or tablet with the watch, and then just get close to it. The mobile phone will also be easier to use as a car key for cars that support it, then without having to take the mobile phone out of your pocket.

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Google also plans to make it easier to run things on one device while using another. Play a movie on the tablet when it rings on your phone and the headphones are connected directly to the phone so you can answer. Google will also offer spatial audio that adapts to how you move your head, just as Apple has been for some time.

So far Android, Chromebook, and Wear OS, but Google isn’t limited to its own systems. They also work with partners and Windows PCs are included in this. Samsung, for example, has a close collaboration with Microsoft and by expanding Fast Pair also to Windows (in collaboration with Acer, HP, and Intel) Google expects you’ll be able to easily sync text messages and connect Bluetooth accessories and other things as well on Windows.

Google is expected to roll out new features during the year.