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New partner gaming pc up to 25000

New partner gaming pc up to 25000


Now it's time to replace my roommate's old computer with a new one, and I'm going to need your help in finding the components that match her wants and needs during the Midday Sale!

I am happy to purchase everything through INET who will also build the computer.

15,000 SEK to 25,000 SEK
If an extra 2000-4000 SEK makes a big difference, I'm flexible!

What the computer will be used for:
To operate and use the Cintiq tablet while doing other things (web browser, games)
Able to reach the limit/drive eg. Baldur's Gate 3, Dragons Dogma 2 or similar games with good performance and graphics
You want the computer to remain good/serviceable for as long as possible (as much as possible) so that it does not need to be replaced within 3 years to run normal games.

Performance ceiling that must be reached:
Baldur's Gate 3 and Dragons Dogma 2 can be played at the highest graphics
Clip Studio Paint + Cintiq drawing tablet with many layers
The above comes with two monitors + a drawing tablet

the structure:
It's not too big, it's not fragile (the glass panels), there are no extra LEDs or annoying parts, and it works well when standing on the ground.

A CD reader should also be included.

Incredibly grateful in advance for recommendations, tips or complete designs!

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