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The United States and China must cooperate against climate change

The United States and China must cooperate against climate change

Mikael Jansson (right) Lectures on the importance of maintenance for future production in Maintenance Days 2021.

In industry, technical supply systems and support functions are often ineffective enough and excess capacity is not used up. When the primary business requires a lot of focus and capital, these opportunities can be easily forgotten. By enlisting the help of market leader Jernbro, you increase profitability and reduce your environmental footprint.

Our mission and reason for our existence depend largely on our contributions to the industry’s competitiveness, says Mikael Janson, CEO of Jernbro Industrial Services.

As a market leading player in technology services for the industry, Jernbro can, among other things, implement energy-efficient solutions that utilize untapped potential and contribute to more sustainable production.

– Legislation has been tightened, visibility to the outside world, and requirements for environmental impact and sustainability in production. Industries work a lot with these issues and should report their work through sustainability reports. Among other things, they must mention the extent of their impact on the environment. Mikael Janson explains that in these contexts, energy use is an important part that can be influenced.

Guaranteed result

With power management, Jernbro offers an even greater grip. The offer includes everything from a feasibility study with a costed and prioritized business plan to implementation of procedures plus post-operation and maintenance with guarantees of outcome. It is a long-term partnership where Jernbro lowers customers’ energy bills while minimizing the environmental impact. If required, measures funding can also be offered.

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We see increased interest in our offerings in energy management as increased efficiency can significantly contribute to the competitiveness of the industry. Mikael Janson says our local industry is already living in challenging market conditions that require priorities and an undivided focus on core businesses.

The industry cannot wait

Enlisting outside expertise to implement the development and simplification of functions around the core business is definitely a good idea. The collaboration with Jernbro is based on an energy use analysis, which then translates into concrete measures with good results.

Jernbro measures in the industry can increase productivity in operation and maintenance, drastically reduce energy use and environmental impact. There are examples where the external energy requirement could be reduced by 70 percent, and the related CO2 emissions by more than 97 percent! Mikael Janson concludes that this sharp drop in demand will of course also have positive consequences for the dimensions and design of the supply system itself.

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About gernbro

Jernbro is the market leader in industrial maintenance with sales of SEK 1.4 billion. Among the 900 employees there are engineers and contractors with unique skills in maintenance and technology such as electricity, mechanics, automation and energy. On a daily basis, they contribute to the operational reliability and competitiveness of customers in workshops, mines, steel, paper and pulp, food, water, sanitation, energy and more.