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Leader: Germany is turning green

Leader: Germany is turning green

Digitization has always been on the agenda in all industries, and the construction industry has come a long way. Among other things, the billing process is becoming more efficient and paper scraps have been replaced with digital equivalents, and with the help of Coredination Tools, it will be easier to handle field work.

We are digitizing the entire flow and enabling a more efficient work process as well as an improved environment, explains Foulk Lundblad, CEO of Coredination.

Through Coredination, the complete management of field work is digitized and simplified, from management and planning to delivery notifications and customer portals. At the same time, this streamlining of work also means it can be done more environmentally friendly than ever before.

There are several examples of this. The vehicle fleet could be improved and the means of transportation used more efficiently. However, you can see in black and white how much you’ve driven and how long the car has held steady, Coredination CEO Volk Lundblad explains.

In this way, companies can easily take the necessary measures; For example, to reduce idle time, how they can do more with fewer transportation, and if there is a possibility to go from ten to five cars.

More efficient deliveries

He says the construction industry is becoming more digital, but there is still room for improvement. At B2C, companies can accurately present products and forecasts, but the same is not always true for B2B.

Through Coredination there is an opportunity to get more efficient deliveries; This is by providing transparency towards the end customer.

– If the recipient knows that there will be a large transfer and gets a clear ETA, he can easily make sure that it will be an efficient delivery, without stopping. There we can provide the capacity for our customers, which in turn benefits the end customers, says Faulk Lundblad.

Digital future

Today there are a lot of relationships, both in general and in the construction industry as well. Elevators, hoists, and elevators are some examples of products that are today technical and can indicate a malfunction that needs to be repaired. What Coredination focuses on is what happens in the aftermath.

– In the event of a machine failure on a construction site, it is usual for someone to discover the fault, prepare a fault report, and be handled by a supervisor who sends a technician. Only a technician can then determine the fault and may then need to return the parts.

Our goal in this regard is to complete the largest possible number of these steps. The machine itself reports an error before a human detects it, and the available technician automatically receives the task and can actually determine which error code it is. Then you earned a lot more than if, for example, you gave the customer the opportunity to file an error report via a website, which is a more classic example of digital solutions.

Many benefits

With the help of Coredination Service, the flows are made more efficient by; You can charge faster and reduce the risk of losing your way on what could be income. All this means you can review the current operations of the company in real time.

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How much time do we spend billing, how much money we spend, and how much time we stand idly by – we get different traceability. Value has to do with money; To be able to charge faster. He explains that the other must definitely do it.

When installing an elevator, for example, work preparation and risk analysis should be carried out, with daily inspections of machines. This is something that is done today very much similarly in the form of inspection protocols, which are easily missed. With data gathering processes everything is bundled into one service, and if something happens, there is a security that it is always easy to find the necessary documentation.

Digitization makes it easier to use your resources better, and you do more with less. He concludes that you have to digitize yourself to be truly capable of achieving high environmental goals.

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About Coredination

Coredination was launched in 2012 and is a leading digital tool for managing field work with clients such as Skanska, Ramirent, and the Stockholm region. The company is headquartered in Sundby-berg and is still managed by the founders. Read more at