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The tornado destroyed the entire city of Greenfield, Iowa

The tornado destroyed the entire city of Greenfield, Iowa

Several people were killed by the hurricane, the number of whom was unknown.

Photo: Hannah Fingerhut/AP/TT

In just 40 seconds, it swept through the city, destroying everything in its path.

Photo: Hannah Fingerhut/AP/TT

All that remained of the community were ruins.

Photo: Hannah Fingerhut/AP/TT

The warning was clear even before the tornado belt hit. Iowa, northwestern Illinois, southeastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin were all at risk of experiencing “particularly dangerous conditions,” the worst tornado warning. Then they rolled into Iowa.

The small community of Greenfield, 10 miles southwest of Des Moines, was hit hardest, reports said Des Moines Register. “Several” people were killed, according to police. It is still unknown how much. Many were injured. The entire city center has been razed to the ground, and all that remains of the buildings are rubble. Trees were scattered on the ground and cars were completely overturned. Chaos is everywhere and people cannot cross.

Celebrity storm chaser Brandon Clement shares a drone video XWhich indicates the massive destruction in the village.

The hospital was destroyed

The city hospital was also damaged and is being evacuated. Patients already treated there need to be transferred to another hospital, as do those injured in the hurricane.

The home of Carl and Valerie Faust was destroyed in the tornado. They told the Des Moines Register that they fled downstairs when they heard the wind pick up.

“I had time to go down five steps before I heard the house crack,” says Karl Faust.

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It only took 40 seconds before the tornado demolished their home and the rest of the community.

– We'll see what tomorrow looks like. Then we have to look at everything with fresh eyes and deal with it.