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Putin cuts out the heart – and gives it to Berlusconi |  the world

Putin cuts out the heart – and gives it to Berlusconi | the world

A photo from 2010 when Vladimir Putin was out hunting, the story Berlusconi mentioned happened three years later.

Photograph: Dmitry Astakhov/AP RIA Novosti Russian government

Silvio Berlusconi, former Prime Minister of Italy.

Photo: Manuel Romano/Norphoto/Shutterstock

Corriere della Sera spoke with former Italian Senator Fabrizio Cecchetto. It was he who was told the different story by Silvio Berlusconi.

“It's yours, shoot it.”

The story takes place in Russia in 2013, when Berlusconi was visiting Putin and suddenly the Russian leader shouted:

– Silvio, let's go fishing.

Berlusconi, who had never fished before, must have become a bit puffy. But after Putin's insistence, he chose to go ahead.

Putin gave him a rifle and when they saw two deer in the snow, Berlusconi waved at him, pointed to a deer and said:

– She's yours, shoot her.

Berlusconi then allegedly refused to shoot the animal, so Putin did so on his behalf.

Cut the heart with a knife

He shot both deer, approached one of them and cut out the deer's heart with a knife. Then he put it in a wooden box that was delivered to Berlusconi.

– It comes with an exceptional meal, he reportedly told the Italian leader.

Berlusconi then hid behind a tree and vomited.

– Vladimir showed me a violent nature that I had never imagined in such a kind and rational man, with whom Berlusconi is said to have begun the story.

After Berlusconi shared the story with Cecchetto, a long, awkward silence was said to have descended in the room, a silence that was only broken when Berlusconi said:

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– Maybe it's just a hunter's habit.

The two world leaders had a close relationship and often went to noisy parties together, but the hunting story shook Berlusconi's image of the Russian president, according to Sekito.