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Biden's behavior is “worse than ever” |  the world

Biden's behavior is “worse than ever” | the world


Leaders of the G7 countries met in Italy these days to discuss current issues.

But for the US President, the media coverage was not very favorable.

In a video clip of the parachute display, world leaders gather to watch the jumps. Then suddenly Biden decides to turn his back on others, and then slowly walks away from there. Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni quickly brought the president back into the group for a group photo, at which point Biden slowly put on his sunglasses.

Joe Biden's behavior during the meeting now raises questions, with only a few months remaining until the presidential election against Donald Trump. The Sun newspaper wrote that diplomatic sources described the performance as “the worst ever.”

The White House is resisting

Moreover, The Sun's sources indicate that Biden lost focus during the meetings. There is no doubt that at times he must have been sharp and clear-eyed, but at other times he must have been absent and unfocused.

According to The Sun newspaper, many participants, from several different delegations, described Biden's appearance as “embarrassing.” However, the president's G7 colleagues chose to downplay the matter:

– As I understand it, he only went out of his way to talk to the skydivers and say hello to them personally, says British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

The White House is resisting these reports. Press secretary Andrew Bates described her as “desperate”.

“They are so desperate to take the focus off the president’s accomplishments that they simply lie,” he wrote in a post on X.

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Strange images – Biden freezes for a minute

The President stares blankly into the middle of the ceremony.