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The ship capsized – thousands of animals stuck in the heat – Sydsvenskan

The ship capsized – thousands of animals stuck in the heat – Sydsvenskan

The MV Bahijah left Fremantle in southwest Australia on January 5, bound for Jordan. The ship had 2,500 heads of cattle and nearly 15,000 sheep on board, but after two weeks at sea, Australian authorities ordered the ship to return.

There have been fears of an attack by Yemen's Houthi movement in the Red Sea, and now the MV Bahija is once again anchored off Fremantle near Perth on the west coast of Australia. There, the temperature is now over 40 degrees during the Southern Hemisphere summer.

Animal rights organizations are calling for the animals to be put down, as the place is very crowded and the heat can harm the animals. The source claims that the animals are fine and that the company wants to send the ship to Jordan again, but via the southern tip of Africa.

The Australian authorities have not decided what to do, but are considering it According to CNN Requesting permission for the ship to leave the country.

Australia has strict rules for the import of live animals and food, and animals on board are counted as exported, even though they come from Australia. In practice, if they are unloaded, this means either keeping them in quarantine until they can be exported again or slaughtering them.

Live animal exports have been heavily criticized in Australia and are set to end, but there is no timetable yet for when that will happen.

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