By March 31 at the latest, the public health agency must report on the effects of the COVID pandemic on children's health. But according to Information for Swedish Radio Ekot The investigation completely ignores the question of how children are affected by the disease itself, focusing instead entirely on how closed schools and canceled activities affect their health.

In an email to the Swedish Covid Association, which organizes victims of Covid-19 and post-Covid-19, the Public Health Authority should have stated that the purpose of the report is to provide a comprehensive picture of the indirect consequences and that issues related to the disease are not included in the study. the mission.

Lisa Noren, from the Swedish Covid Association, questions the answer and calls it “quite Orwellian” to ignore how children are affected by the disease, when the word pandemic itself is defined as a global disease outbreak.

The radio reported that the previous government, which entrusted the task to the Public Health Authority, also did not request any such demarcation as described by the Public Health Authority. Current Social Affairs Minister Jakob Forsmed (KD) also has a different view on what the mission has to offer.

– It's about children's health being affected in different ways by this, both through illness of course, but also through the consequences of illness and the measures that society has taken in different ways. It's a broad undertaking, and there are reasons to get comprehensive coverage of it, he told Equott.