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How can I increase my fiber intake as a gastric sleeve patient?  Diet doctor

How can I increase my fiber intake as a gastric sleeve patient? Diet doctor

The professor replies:

If you don’t have severe issues with a flat stomach, anyway, I don’t see a problem with not getting a certain (significant) amount of fiber. There are no large randomized studies that show that you get healthier cardiovascular or reduce the incidence of other serious diseases if you switch to eating more fiber.

In the large Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study, this was partially tested in a randomized design of about 49,000 women. But then “more fiber” was combined with eating more fruits and vegetables and a low-fat diet. This is the only study available that is large enough to test for fiber (especially from whole grain products).

In the WHI study, a lower incidence of cancer could not be demonstrated with this diet compared to no diet change (=control group). But above all, women who already had heart disease (who already knew they had heart disease when they entered the study) were affected by an increase in cardiovascular disease if they ended up in the group advised to eat more fruit and vegetables + fiber + low-fat diet. . And this despite the fact that the dietary advice led to a slight weight loss, although that was not the intention according to the study plan.

So no, there is no end in itself to eating a lot of fiber as I see it, neither for the cardiovascular system nor for reducing the risk of cancer.

But if you need it for a sluggish stomach, I recommend something called a bulking agent (Which is actually like fiber), like salmon. There is nothing wrong with eating it despite gastric sleeve surgery, as it works more in the intestine than in the stomach, which has shrunk due to the sleeve gastrectomy.

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