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The Red CD Project confirms: The Witcher medal represents the lynx

The Red CD Project confirms: The Witcher medal represents the lynx

Lynx school is popular in the upcoming Witcher game.

The day that was expected to finally come has finally arrived on Monday: a new Witcher game is taking place. The announced With a picture of a Witcher medal, and speculation about what kind of animal came in the form of a letter in the mail. Many speculated that it was a cat, but that didn’t happen (at least not quite). Instead, CD Projekt Red straightened everything out He said It is a lynx, that is, a “lynx”.

All witches belong to different schools represented by each animal. They also have their own orientation, styles, and fighting styles. Geralt belongs to the wolf school, for example, which is generally considered reliable and good at killing monsters. Instead, School Cat is notorious for being bloodthirsty and even serving as mercenaries and assassins, not just monster slayers. The Bear Witchers school, in turn, is famous for its strength and use of heavy armor.

So what is Lynx school? We do not know this in principle, because it is not found in books (like many other schools of games) and did not appear in games. If you search for the school, you can find descriptions and stories about its history, but note that they are fan stories.

The ad’s image subtitle – “A New Saga Begins” – sounds very fitting, and it undoubtedly looks like CD Projekt Red is ready to write a new chapter in the Witcher story. The question is whether characters like Geralt and Ciri will be included, or whether they choose to turn the page entirely.

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