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Many people are facing network issues with Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

It started with an email from a reader in Norway. he is writing:

“I was out early to buy one of Samsung’s new mobiles, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with 512GB of storage. I chose to buy it, even though it was an expensive phone, but you also expect the best.

Unfortunately, I found out that the phone lost connection to the mobile network and whoever tried to call me was told that I could not be reached because the subscriber turned off the phone or was out of coverage.

The phone screen showed that I had a signal and I could also call others. But while I was talking, I repeatedly dropped the sound from my conversation partner, while at the other end they heard a “noise” like the roar of a signalless TV. This can last for 10-15 seconds before the sound comes back so we can continue the conversation and after a while it can happen over and over again.

After a lot of troubleshooting, I came to the conclusion that these issues occur when 4G (VoLTE) is disabled, or the phone is out of 4G coverage i.e. when using only 3G/2G network.

On March 10 I returned the phone to the dealer and they had to send me a new one, which then arrived on March 15. Satisfied, I unpacked and installed the new phone, but found out it had exactly the same problem as the phone I got back!

In Samsung’s own forum, I also see many others having the same problem – in many countries. It seems to me that Samsung has managed to produce the best mobile phone that cannot be used to make calls on a regular GSM network. ”

After receiving this email, we investigated and were able to establish that a large number of users are reporting issues that are identical or related to the new Samsung top model.

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only on Samsung European Forum There is a topic titled “Problems with the GSM network on the Galaxy S22 Ultra”, which so far fills 32 pages with a total of 310 comments! Similar discussion also exists reddit and in German version in Samsung’s private forum.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
An excerpt from Samsung’s European forum, where at the time of writing there are over 310 posts about network problems with the Galaxy S22 Ultra. (Photo: Peter Gottschalk)

User complaints include:

  • Others can’t contact them even if they have full signal
  • The sound disappears for 10-15 seconds at a time during a call
  • Establishing a connection to other phones takes longer when connected to them with Galaxy S22 Ultra
  • Getting a new SIM doesn’t help
  • On the other hand, disabling 4G and 5G can solve the problem, but most users consider this a totally unacceptable emergency solution.
  • Apart from the above suggestions, Samsung Support has not provided any helpful assistance

The first posts appeared three weeks ago, while the last posts are from today. At no point during the intervening period did Samsung comment on this issue – neither in the discussion forum nor anywhere else.

So Ljud & Bild sent two questions directly to Samsung in the Nordic countries and to Samsung’s PR agency on Monday. We asked:

  1. Is Samsung aware of this problem?
  2. what is the reason?
  3. What are you going to do about it?

We set a deadline for a response two days later, at 17:00, but she hasn’t received a response from Samsung who apparently does not want to comment on the matter.

So, we want to ask our readers if you have encountered similar problems? And if someone has been in touch with Samsung customer service and may have received an answer that actually solves the problem?

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Feel free to write about your experience in the comments field below. We’ll follow up on the story as soon as we hear something from Samsung or we find a solution to the problem.