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Gran Turismo 7 buyers receive an apology and a million in-game money

Gran Turismo 7 buyers receive an apology and a million in-game money

Polyphony listens to criticism – you can sell cars soon.

Gran Turismo 7 It was a chaotic period. Latest patch slowest servers for a day, make them drastically slower to make money. And that’s in a game that has already been criticized for its expensive cars and slow progression.

Now Polyphony President Kazunori Yamauchi is apologizing to buyers for the correction. He also promises to make changes in line with the wishes of the players, and in addition, all players will receive 1 million dollars in game money (available until 25/4).

From PlayStation Blog:

I would like to apologize for the frustration and confusion caused by last week’s patch update, which led not only to server outages but also to changes to the game economy that we implemented without clearly explaining to our community.

We know this isn’t the Gran Turismo experience you’d expect and we’ll reimburse you in the form of a free credit pack of 1 million credits, available to those players who may have been affected. You will see this in your accounts soon. Make sure to log into the game before April 25th to claim it.

Yamauchi wrote that the purpose of the patch was to modify the issue of how winnings are paid out in World Circuit Events, which required a full recalculation of the reward system.

At the beginning of April, a comprehensive patch will be released that changes how much you win in various events (often more), adds contests, and more. New is the new Endocrance eight hour race in the Missions section.

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Updates effective from April:

  • Bonuses in events in the latter half of the global circuits increase by about 100% on average.

  • Add high rewards to redeem circle experience in all gold/all bronze results.

  • Increase or rewards in online races.

  • Include a total of eight new 1-hour Endurance Race events in missions. These will also have higher bonus settings.

  • Increased upper limit of unpaid balances in player wallets from 20 million kroner. up to 100 million cr.

  • Increase the amount of used and legendary cars on offer at any time.

Plus, a bunch of minor updates await between now and the end of April, with more cars and track sections, among other things. Furthermore, the following items are on the list, including a car dealership opportunity.

  • Increase the value of payments for limited time rewards as we develop as a live service.

  • Other additions to the World Circuit event.

  • Add endurance races to missions including 24 hour races.

  • Add online time trials and award rewards according to player difference with the highest ranked time.

  • Make it so that the cars can be sold.

Sounds like a company that listens to its customers, or what do you say?