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The Queen's big secret has been revealed after 69 years (!) - this is her absolute favorite team in the Premier League

The Queen’s big secret has been revealed after 69 years (!) – this is her absolute favorite team in the Premier League

Queen Elizabeth II kept this a secret for 69 years.
But now the truth has been revealed.
When it was revealed the Premier League club was her favorite team.

Since 1952, the Queen has Queen Elizabeth II ruled in Great Britain. 69 long years as the face of the whole of Britain and 15 other kingdoms in the Commonwealth.

top secret

Over the years, I’ve been forced to show a neutral stance both in politics – and when it comes to sports. For nearly seven decades, she has managed to keep the great secret.

Queen Elizabeth II, England
120727 2012 Olympics, Opening: The Queen of England, Elizabeth II, The Queen, Jacques Rogge, International Olympic Committee. © Bildbyrån – 98075 – Photo: Nils Jakobsson / Bildbyrån

But now the truth has been revealed about which Queen’s absolute favorite team in English football is. The English Daily Star reported where the Queen’s Club sympathizes.

Favorite team in PL

Because it is not Aston Villa about the grandson Prince William He was open about the fact that he’s a pro. Without Elizabeth II, she would have revealed to a close Buckingham Palace employee that her heart beats for West Ham.

Queen Elizabeth II, England
100624 Tennis, Wimbledon, Day 4: Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain attends the match between Andy Murray, Great Britain, and Jarkko Nieminen, Finland. © Bildbyrån – 85702

The Queen is said to have said during a discussion about rival team Millwall that she was, in fact, a fan of West Ham. And so you get too Cesc Fabregas A mistake was made in his statement several years ago.

Many have speculated that the English Queen already has Arsenal as her favorite team. Something the Spaniard softened even more after a tour of Buckingham Palace when he met Queen Elizabeth II herself.
– It seems that the Queen follows football and said that she is a fan of Arsenal, as Fabregas said while he himself was playing with “Arsenal”.

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