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Queen Elizabeth - Which team is she in the English Premier League?

Queen Elizabeth – Which team is she in the English Premier League?

As Queen of Great Britain and 15 other Commonwealth kingdoms, she is expected to take a neutral stance in politics – but also in football.

Elizabeth II has been the head of state of Britain since 1952, but she has not revealed which team she belongs to.

In the fall, Premier League star Marcus Rashford was praised for ordering the British Empire, after urging the government to swing the issue of food stamps for vulnerable children in Britain.

Rashford plays for Manchester United – but that’s not where the Queen’s sympathies are said to be.

Elizabeth II in West Ham

According to the Daily Star, the Queen will also not be staying at Aston Villa, which her grandson Prince William has been open to supporting.

The British newspaper reported that the Queen revealed to close colleagues at Buckingham Palace that the team closest to her heart is West Ham. Elizabeth II is said to have gotten away with her sympathy for the club during a discussion about rival Millwall Club.

At the same time, there were rumors that the Queen supports another club in London, namely Arsenal.

The Queen appears to be following football and has said she is an Arsenal fan, then-Arsenal star Cesc Fabregas said after a tour of Buckingham Palace.

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