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Green areas reduce the risk of antidepressant medication withdrawal

Green areas reduce the risk of antidepressant medication withdrawal

Local researchers in Stockholm University I have researched the relationship between green spaces and antidepressant medication withdrawal. The study clearly shows that withdrawal decreases when there are green spaces near the house.

The more normal you are around the complex, the less antidepressant withdrawal will occur. This is how the results of a research study conducted at Stockholm University can be summarized. The study was led by Cecilia Stenfors, associate professor in the Department of Psychology, and explained that the amount of antidepressant medication taken decreases by up to 20 percent the more green space around the home.

– It shows how important nature in the form of green spaces in our immediate residential environment and the place where we reside daily is for our mental health.

Many studies have shown the positive effects of green spaces in people's daily lives and in our cities. They protect against heat, traffic noise and air pollution, while previous studies have also shown that green areas lead to less stress, better sleep and better mental recovery.

The research speaks for itself, but unfortunately profit wants something else. Increasingly, cities are being densified and green areas are being eroded by more concrete. The remaining space for nature is getting smaller, making people feel more and more bad.

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