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Angelus: “Wait with confidence for the seeds of the Lord to grow”

Angelus: “Wait with confidence for the seeds of the Lord to grow”

During Sunday's Angelus, Pope Francis explained how the Kingdom of God is like a farmer who sows seeds that quietly and steadily sprout and grow to maturity, just as the Lord places his Word and grace as seeds in us and helps our faith grow and grow. Mature.

Charlotta Smedes – Vatican City

In his reflections before leading the Angelus on Sunday, Pope Francis explained how in today's Gospel Jesus describes the Kingdom of God through the image of a seed that is planted, germinates, grows and matures. The Lord has called us to “wait with confidence,” because the entire process takes time and requires our trust and cooperation.

A miracle in action

The Pope noted that even if the seeds are of good quality and the soil is well prepared, the farmer needs patience and confidence, because plants do not germinate immediately. Eventually the seeds open and sprouts through the soil and grows to produce a bountiful harvest. The Pope explained that this reveals the miracle that occurs underground. He added that the plant's significant development occurs invisibly over time and eventually becomes visible, a process that requires more than just patience. You will also have to care for the soil, water it, and keep it prepared as long as the plants germinate.

Seeds – God's word and grace

This is how the Gospel describes the Kingdom of God, and the Pope continued: “The Lord sows in us the seeds of his word and grace, good and abundant seeds, and then, without ceasing to follow us, he waits patiently.” The Pope said that the Lord always cares for us during the process of our growth, with the reassurance of the Father, but the Lord gives us time for these seeds to blossom, grow and develop until they “bear the fruits of good deeds.” The Lord does not want anything to go wrong, and “everything will come to full maturity,” just like the grain in the Bible.

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This is the Gospel

The Lord also teaches us to “sow the Gospel with confidence wherever we are,” as the Pope said, and then wait patiently for the seed to grow and bear fruit in us and in others. He stressed that confidence in patience is the key, and we should not be discouraged when we do not see immediate results. He stressed that the “miracle” often occurs beyond the outward appearance, and in time will bear abundant fruit.

The Pope urged us to properly “plant the Word of God” in our lives with confidence, and if we lose patience when we do not see immediate results, knowing that we must calmly entrust all our efforts to the Lord.

“May the Virgin Mary, who received the seed of the Word and made it grow in her, help us to sow the Gospel with generosity and confidence.