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The policeman should have apologized for driving into the roundabout

The policeman should have apologized for driving into the roundabout

I recently read an article in Eskilstuna Kuriren about behavior in roundabouts.

I drove Hamingatan in Eskilstuna to the east. When I approached the Hamingatan-Nebrugatan roundabout, a bus came from the right, then a police car with a driver behind it.

The bus was inside the roundabout when it approached, but the police car, with the driver looking in its direction, approached without apparently noticing why I was signaling the so-called “I'm here signal” while braking.

The police car passed me and stopped at the roundabout. Aha, I thought he would apologize for not seeing me. But no, that wasn't the case. He walked up to me and said in a very loud voice, “You bastard, you're going to gas me,” whereupon he got back into the police car and continued on his way.

I sat for a while, perhaps with a surprised expression on my face. Then I called the station commander and asked him to give my name and phone number to the police car driver. I wanted to talk to him about this and his behavior.

Naturally, the officer could not guarantee that he would call, and I was informed that I could report. The officer also informed that there was an ongoing intervention to which the concerned police officer had been called.

Thus, the policeman was called to intervene, and yet he wasted time insulting me, instead of saving those seconds that could be decisive in intervening.

It has been several days since the incident, but no police have called.