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Thatcher film county in northern England

Thatcher film county in northern England

What arouses such strong emotions is the film's main character, former Conservative British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

In the old mining areas of northern England, people still remember the battle that Thatcher lost when the Iron Lady launched a harsh attack on the unions, which in turn emerged in a weakened state after a year-long strike.

The iron lady

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'Lacks confidence in the future'

The mining strike is still a distant memory.

We have a country with young people who lack faith in the future, especially in this part of the country. Neither their fathers, nor their mothers, have worked since the strike, Tony Bennett tells NRK's ​​Norwegian correspondent in the UK.

Bennett himself was involved during a year-long mining strike in the 1980s. The other person who was with him during the strike was Hilary Cave.

She says she had no sympathy at all for families or people living in difficult circumstances.

Popular in the South

In the north of England, the film was not a huge success with audiences either. It's a different story in the south of England, where many Britons are drawn to cinemas to see Meryl Streep playing an aging Thatcher, reliving her political exploits.

From a conservative point of view, the film has also been criticized, but what these critics object to is that too much focus is on Thatcher's terrible old age.

Long time in power

Thatcher is the longest-serving British Prime Minister of modern times. While she was, and still is, hated by some groups, she was a popular leader among others.

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