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Family Sharing is now available for Google Password Manager

Family Sharing is now available for Google Password Manager

Google Chrome has always been able to save login information, but in recent years the function has shifted to a more complete password manager that is equally partially integrated into the Android mobile system, and can partially autofill usernames and passwords on iOS.

Earlier this year, Google announced that a long-awaited new feature was coming to the password manager: the ability to share saved login credentials with family members via family Google accounts. Now the test is complete, and Google has done it Robot body It began rolling out the functionality via the May update to Google Play Services.

Unlike the sharing features of standalone password managers like Bitwarden and 1Password, login details can only be shared with family members and not with any other users of the service. When a user chooses to share their login information with a family member, a copy appears in their password database and no further steps such as agreeing to sharing are required.

As is usual with new functionality from Google, it is being rolled out in phases and not all users will be able to access the functionality at once. Also, so far it only seems to apply to Android integration and not Chrome's built-in password manager for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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