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Storelva rises steeply in Hønefoss, Norway

Storelva rises steeply in Hønefoss, Norway

During yesterday, evacuations began around Storelva, which picked up sharply after severe weather Hans regn. The river is expected to rise more, perhaps by 1 metre. It flows through the town of Hønefoss, where extensive damage is expected.

– There will be serious consequences for additional roads and infrastructure around Hönfoss, says Ringrekke municipality’s preparedness manager Magnus Nielholm, NRK.

During Thursday, water breached the flood protection system and began flowing into the evacuated areas. Morten Helgesen, who is looking for a home for a friend who has been evicted. Tell NRK that the water has already entered the garden.

– I was hoping that the dam they built would widen. There is probably water in the cellar and so on, but we have to hope there isn’t too much, he told the TV channel.

1,700 evacuated

If the water rises another meter, it gets worse.

– Then it’ll be wet in here. If that happens, there will be more problems. Now there are still a few centimeters left before the water hits the ground inside the house, says Helgesen.

More than 1,700 people have had to leave their homes. It will take several days, maybe even next week, before they can return.

– We have evacuated everything we think is necessary to protect property, life and health. But we are making ongoing evacuation assessments now that the waters have risen further,” says Magnus Nelholm.

Among other things, the evacuees were housed in nearby hotels. The floods are expected to peak on Thursday or Friday, after which it will take time for the waters to recede enough for people to return.

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