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The new foreign policy is a challenge to Sweden

The new foreign policy is a challenge to Sweden

“America is back,” Joe Biden said in his first foreign policy statement in February of As president.

“Diplomacy is at the heart of our foreign policy.”

He seems to be longing to say those words.

Joe Biden’s election campaign is not about launching any revolutions or big visions for the future. The 78-year-old spoke of the need to put things right again after Donald Trump’s progress. About turning the clock into 2016.

Backward-looking attitude, it may seem. But it obviously worked to win the election.

Just like Donald Trump Joe Biden seems to have kept his election promises at least so far.

The Foreign Service and Security Agency in Washington reports that procedures and methods have returned. Vacancies that have categorized both the Pentagon and the State Department’s defense headquarters in recent years are now being filled by experienced officials and ambassadors who have spent their time in think tanks.

There is talk of more than one power shift.

There is also a big difference in political terms. Just like how Donald Trump handled Barack Obama’s legacy in 2017, Joe Biden abruptly broke with his representative’s foreign policy in many areas.

Last week Strict sanctions against Russia say a lot. Joe Biden is not only deviating from Donald Trump’s forgiving attitude towards Moscow, he is also working with allies.

The new president appears to be seeking to end the US’s individual attacks and at the same time seek to fulfill the country’s promise to link international relations.

For the second time in a short time, Washington has worked with the European Union, Britain and Canada on Russia’s sanctions. Most recently, it was about China.

On the same theme, the Biden administration has returned to the negotiating table in relation to the Iran deal, the Paris agreement, and the WHO. Get startedAgreement on disarmament with Russia. In addition, with the countries of India, Australia and Japan the so-called Quad Group is more careful than the breath of life.

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Why this global collective zeal, One might be surprised. If you ask Americans, that is a very relevant question. A recent step Investigation From Pew Research, skepticism is growing towards the White House’s global involvement. In February, 50 percent of people thought they should focus on issues in the United States.

The answer is probably about China, which seems to have occupied most of the attention of the Biden administration.

The United States has fewer and fewer competitive advantages than China, which threatens both the status of the country and the power of innovation and the world order in which the United States is engaged in building.

But one of the advantages of this competition is certainly America’s allies and allies.

Beijing must do everything in its power to foster global friendship, including infrastructure capital and the spread of vaccines right and left.

But China has no NATO to return to with the security guarantees guaranteed. There are no strong and historic ties of friendship with the European Union, a major political force.

So Joe Biden wants China to join the Allies. It is a sign of health, a humble view of America’s limited potential.

Just China politics Otherwise, Joe Biden is one of the few areas to follow in the footsteps of his predecessors with largely protected import duties and export restrictions.

During the election campaign, Donald Trump often pointed out that Joe Biden was one of the few innocents who allowed China into the WTO during his tenure as senator, laying the foundation for today’s ruthless Chinese trade practices.

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But Joe Biden, like a large part of America’s political establishment and population, has since changed his mind.

But he is happy that Donald Trump has taken this step and overturned the cautious Chinese policy pursued by Barack Obama. It will probably need someone like Trump.

Another relative The problem in similarities is trade policy. Even there, Joe Biden has changed his attitude compared to the time he was senator and vice president.

For example, he voted for the original NAFTA deal with Canada and Mexico, saying Donald Trump was “the worst trade deal ever concluded”.

As vice president, he also made the DPP deal with eleven Pacific countries a reality, confirming Donald Trump’s exit from the United States.

That was during the election campaign However, another Joe Biden came around the Midwest wearing a helmet and talked to workers about fair competition. New trade agreements should not be signed unless American workers benefit. The Democrats have introduced a number of protectionist tax plans aimed at keeping American companies in the United States.

In the same vein, Joe Biden, like Donald Trump, is opposed to “America’s eternal war.” They want to reduce the presence of troops abroad. Shortly before his resignation in January, Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of troops from both Iraq and Afghanistan, sparking outrage in many quarters.

When Joe Biden announced this week that he would end the operation in Afghanistan in September, the process really made a big difference: he hosted the decision at the Pentagon, NATO and Kabul.

Joe Biden refers to the “America First” decoration form.

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Before applying the sequel It is the responsibility of the Biden administration to find a balance between these two conflicting interests: protectionism and the need for allies.

For example, within the EU, many are thinking about the future of steel and aluminum tariffs introduced by Donald Trump. While the vaccine in question is not approved in the United States, it also applies to the United States’ reluctance to export the Govt vaccine to the EU.

Joe Biden believes that “the absence of Donald Trump” is not enough to become popular in Europe.

For the past four years, it seems to have left its mark, not least in Germany. Angela Merkel was one of those who argued that the EU should become more “strategic autonomous,” which clearly indicates a lack of trust in the outside world, including the United States. Who knows who will be the next President of the United States in 3.5 years?

The epidemic has contributed to the idea gaining more power.

Sweden means Joe Biden’s foreign policy is a challenge. We may be allies, but we are not allies of the United States.

As Invitation list It has a role to play as the invited European nations are members of NATO for the upcoming climate summit of the President.

Sweden has never been a friend of an independent European defense capability, but has always pursued a strategic interest in Atlantic annexation.

America and Great Britain are better than France and Germany, people seem to think in Stockholm.

That line has a name and a club: NATO.